Business and Commercial Services Division:

As a business owner, former manager, and team member of various commercial services here in the beautiful state of Arkansas, and having earned a Doctoral degree in Business Administration, I have the professional knowledge to personally oversee the transactions of businesses within Arkansas. Having the experience of a Chief Executive Officer, business consultant, manager, and team member of various businesses, I have the distinct privilege, knowledge, experience, and expertise of managing and operating various corporate and small businesses. I have a variety of necessary skills and abilities to continue and/or enhance the wide range of services that the Business and Commercial Services Division provides to individuals and companies who conduct business within Arkansas, either based in the state or elsewhere.

Business Office:

My work history and present experiences will enable me to oversee the daily operations of the Business Office, such as purchases, supply, and mail sections.  I have held multiple positions that require managerial skills and working as a team player to have a successful business.

Capital Facilities Division:

As a business owner, former manager, and team member of various companies I have a unique understanding of maintaining and preserving the integrity and beautification of the facilities that house our state governing agencies, and the surrounding landscapes and gardens for the citizens and employees to enjoy.

Communication and Education Division:

This division is of great personal importance due to my abundant desire to be transparent, educate, and create various activities and opportunities for the youth and all Arkansans. My desire to illustrate and share the knowledge and understanding of Arkansas democracy and history is a major part of the Communication and Education Division. As an educator, I fully appreciate the implication of communicating and educating in several different formats.     

Elections Division:

As Secretary of State, I will implement election security, educate voters of their rights, and adhere to the laws and constitution of Arkansas and the United States.

Human Resources

With extensive knowledge and skills in Human Resources, I will maintain and implement a fair and equal opportunity employment system for staffing, recruitment, training, compensation, payroll, benefits and personnel management for the Secretary of State's office.

Information and Technology

With my knowledge of building technology, electronics, digital technology, educational technology, environmental technology, film and video technology, financial technology, geographical technology, information technology, media technology, music technology, and sound technology. I have an extensive array of knowledge to oversee and implement a continuously evolving Information Technology Division.

Legal Division

Having obtained education in business law and my continuous endeavor to understand and acquire the knowledge of the laws and rights of our great state and country, I have been equipped with the skills to obtain evolving knowledge to oversee the day to day business of the Legal Division of the Secretary of State’s office.   

Public Affairs

With my strong interest for, politics, policy issues and current affairs, excellent research and communication (written and oral) skills, the ability to assimilate, analyze  and summarize written material quickly, time management skills and the ability to work in tight deadlines, interpersonal skills, the ability to work on my own initiative, work well with clients and other contacts, teamworking skills, and excellent listening skills, as well as the ability to take an impartial view, equips me to oversee a dynamic Public Affairs Division of the Secretary of State’s office.

State Capitol Police

As a black belt/instructor in martial arts and former security employee, I understand the importance of law enforcement. I have the knowledge and experience to oversee, implement, and execute various security plans to protect and prevent attacks from harming individuals and property.

State Capitol Gift Shop

With experience as a retail manager, hospitality coordinator, and staff member of various companies, I have the knowledge and understanding to oversee the day to day operation of the State Capitol Gift Shop. 

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